Access Your Energy Data Through Green Button

As of November 1, all Ontarians have access to their energy data through Green Button.


What is Green Button?

FORT FRANCES POWER CORPORATION now offers Green Button through the portal.

The Green Button initiative is a program developed to provide consumers with easy and secure access to their energy usage information. It allows electricity consumers to access their own energy data in a standardized and secure format, through an online platform.

The Green Button initiative enables utility companies to provide customers with secure access to their own energy usage data, which can be downloaded, which is referred to as Download my Data (DMD), and shared with third-party applications or tools, which is referred to as Connect my Data (CMD). This data might include information on energy consumption patterns, usage trends, and specific details about how electricity is being utilized over a particular period. Customers can add or remove access from third parties at any time through their portal.

The goal of the Green Button program is to empower customers with the ability to understand their energy consumption habits better. By having access to this information, customers can make more informed decisions about their energy usage, potentially leading to more efficient energy consumption, cost savings, and environmental benefits. It also encourages the development of innovative applications or services that can leverage this energy usage data to provide consumers with tools for better energy management.

Third Party Vendor Registrations

Third-party vendors must register through FORT FRANCES POWER CORPORATION. If you are interested in becoming an authorized third-party vendor, please contact our Customer Service Team by email at or by calling 1 (807)274-9291.