Q1. Where is the Fort Frances Power Corporation (FFPC) located?

A1. Fort Frances Power Corporation is located in the lower level of the Civic Centre at the address of 320 Portage Avenue.


Q2. I need to open or close an account with FFPC, how can I do this?

A2. Please click on the following link for instructions New Account/Moving


Q3. How can I pay my bill?

A3. Please click on the following link for instructions Paying Your Bill


Q4. Is there a way for me to monitor my daily power use?

A4. Yes sign up for an ebilling account and you'll have access to your power data. More info here E-billing Account


Q5. How often does FFPC send out power bills?

A5. FFPC is on a true monthly billing cycle, which means consumers are billed every month for the power used in the previous month.


Q6. I'm having a hard time understanding my bill, is there a detailed explanation somewhere?

A6. Please click on the following like for a detailed explanation Residential Power Bill  |  Business Power Bill


Q7. Will FFPC present specific energy related topic to my group?

A7. Yes, FFPC is available to present on variety of energy related topics. Follow this link for some sample presentations


Q8. I don't see my question here, how can I make sure it get answered?

A8. Please send us your questions through our Contact Us form.