New Commercial Service


Customers planning to install a new electrical service or who plan to upgrade or relocate an existing service, must first contact FFPC’s General Superintendent to receive approval of the service change.

Call the Main Office at (807) 274-9291 during business hours.

Fort Frances Power shall only connect a Customer for a new or modified supply of electricity upon receipt by Fort Frances Power of the following:

  1. A completed and signed contract for service in a form acceptable to Fort Frances Power
  2. Payment to Fort Frances Power of any applicable connection fee
  3. An inspection and approval by the Electrical Safety Authority of the electrical equipment for the new service

The location of the Customer’s service entrance equipment is subject to the approval of Fort Frances Power and the Electrical Safety Authority.

Please  read our conditions of service.


Electrical energy will be supplied at 3 phase, 4 wire, in one of the following voltage offerings:

  1. 120/208 volts wye
  2. 347/600 volts wye

Basic steps involved in connection of a new service:

  1. Read our Conditions of Service.
  2. Meet with our Lines Superintendent.
  3. Provide us with information (drawings, plans, etc.).
  4. FFPC will provide an estimate to connect your service.
  5. Make payment based on your estimate to connect.
  6. Submit any changes to the Fort Frances Power Corporation (additional charges may apply).
  7. Arrange for FFPC inspections.
  8. FFPC will perform some tests to make sure your project can be safely connected.
  9. Arrange for an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection (ESA: 1-877-372-7233 or visit their website at
  10. Set up your power account with the Fort Frances Power Corporation.
  11. Once your new service has been inspected and approved the ESA will issue a Connection Authorization.
  12. Once FFPC receives the Connection Authorization we will typically connect your new service within 10 working days.

Remember: Hire an Licensed Electrical Contractor - It's the law!