New Account / Moving

New Accounts

All applicants for electrical service will complete a Customer contract form or provide personal information (with their authorized consent) for the purpose of collecting information.

Based on this information, Fort Frances Power Corporation (FFPC), an electricity distributor, will request an Account security deposit, prior to connecting the Customer for service, according to the conditions contained in the Ontario Energy Board Distribution System Code:, from all applicants who cannot supply a good payment history from another utility.
Please contact us at (807) 274-9291 or visit us at 320 Portage Avenue (Lower Level of the Civic Centre).

Fort Frances Power Corporation will require a security deposit, unless The Customer has a good payment history of:

  • 1 year - in the case of a residential Customer (RS),
  • 5 years - in the case of a non-residential Customer in a <50 kW demand rate class (GU) or,
  • 7 years - in the case of a non-residential Customer in any other rate class (commercial classes other than GU).

FFPC shall not require a security deposit where:

  • The Customer provides a letter from another electricity distributor, or gas distributor, in Canada confirming a good payment history with that distributor for the most recent relevant time period set above where some of the time period which makes up the good payment history has occurred in the previous 24 months, or
  • the Customer, other than a Customer in a >5000 kW demand rate class, provides a satisfactory credit check made at the Customer’s expense from a Credit company such as Equifax, TransUnion or Dun & Bradstreet.

Please review our Conditions of Service for further details.

Moving or Closing an account

Notify us at least 5 working days prior to moving or closing your account.

You can do so by calling us during regular business hours (807) 274-9291

Email us at

Or by Fax (807) 274-9375