Tree Trimming

At times trees grow up through and around live electric power lines and can create a serious electrical hazard. Falling trees or branches during wind storms, heavy accumulations of snow or ice could also cause power outages. Proper tree trimming can minimize hazards and power interruptions.

To ensure public safety and the continued reliable operation of its distribution system, Fort Frances Power will maintain clearance around its distribution lines on a cyclical or as-needed basis. The tree trimming cycle may vary depending on extent of storm damage, health of trees, and vegetation type.

Fort Frances Power will coordinate and maintain tree clearance around all its distribution lines that are located on public allowance. Fort Frances Power will also maintain tree clearance around its overhead lines over 750 Volts that may be located on private property at no cost to the Customer. Fort Frances Power will attempt to discuss the planned re-clearing with property owners prior to work being performed in order to mitigate the impacts to the environment and the property. However, in the event of emergencies, Fort Frances Power may be unable to notify the property owner prior to performing the work.

Customers are responsible for all initial tree trimming for all new overhead lines that will be located on private property. Customers are also responsible for continuing tree trimming, tree and brush removal around service lines that are less than 750 Volts that are located on private property, as well as around overhead lines over 750 Volts when these lines are owned by the Customer. Clearances must conform to the Electrical Safety Code.

To permit the safe clearance of trees and vegetation from overhead lines over 750 Volts located on private property, Fort France Power will, upon at least ten days prior notice from the Customer, during normal business hours, disconnect and reconnect the Customer’s supply.

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