Our Vision, Mission and Value statement

Vision Statement:

The Fort Frances Power Corporation strives to be a model distributor of electricity and supplier of supporting energy services, with excellence in customer focus, operational efficiency and community partnership.


Mission Statement:

To deliver electricity and provide supporting energy services safely, reliably and cost-effectively, in support of the well being of our community, for whom we exist.


Our Values

We Value Safety:

We believe that all work related injuries can be prevented, and we are committed to the safety of our employees and the general public. We are committed to providing our employees with all of the proper resources that allow them to work safely, as well as to ensure that public safety is maintained.

We Value Our Community and the 1905 Historic Power Agreement:

We believe that the well being of the 1905 Historic Power Agreement, held between the owner of the local generating station assets and the residents and small businesses of the Town of Fort Frances, is vital to the future success of our community. We are committed on behalf of the residents and small businesses of the Town of Fort Frances, to administer the agreement and to ensure that the rights and obligations of the agreement are upheld, thereby ensuring its longevity. We also believe we are stewards of our environment and, as such, we will conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that our success hinges largely on the success of our community.

We Value Our Employees:

We believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our organization. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and fulfilling work environment for our employees, with fair remuneration, sound management and opportunities for learning and professional development.

We Value Customer Focus:

We are committed to offering superior customer services in a manner that responds to customer preferences and needs. We are committed to providing our customers with a safe and reliable supply of electricity at the lowest rates possible that do not undermine our viability.

We Value Operational Efficiency:

We believe in the philosophy of “Continuous Improvement”, and we will strive to continuously improve the efficiency of our operation and processes. We will continually improve by harvesting the innovation of our employees and by integrating technology into our business.